Cappadocıa - Unique in every sense.


Cappadocia has been described as a "fragment of another planet", "an extraordinary landscape not of our world" and "a strange and spectacular land from the pages of a science fiction novel" It is all of those... ...but so much more!


The name "Cappadocia" dates back to Persian times, when then it was known as "Kaptatuka", meaning "Land of the beautiful horses". Since then the region has been witness to the rise and fall of many civilisations, wıth each one leaving their unique mark on this wonderful land. So much so that today a visitor would struggle to travel a few kilometres in any direction without encountering a different, historical reminder of the regions colourful past.


Today Cappadocia is typically famous for its unique landscapes of lush valleys, "lost" underground cities, incredible cave dwellings (some which are still inhabited by locals today), the fascinating rock formations like the wonderous "Fairy Chimneys" (formed after multiple volcanic erruptions through the centuries, covering the land with volcanic ash, lava & basalt) and of course, our world-famous Balloon Flights at sunrise.


Throw in "probably the most welcoming & hospitable people in the world" and you start to paint the picture as to why Cappadocia is a "must see" for so many travellers each year - whether that be for a single day trip or maybe spending a few days more to fully immerse yourself in what we and the region have to offer you (I would certainly recommend the latter option, Cappadocia really is quite intoxicating)


You can easily choose to spend your visit here "travelling back in time" through the countless civilisations which have, through many centuries, contributed to the multi-coloured tapestry which is Cappadocia today.  Alternatively, (and for the more active traveller) there are a wide choice of hikıng options on your doorstep here in Göreme.  You only have to walk 5 minutes out of town, in any direction, to find yourself in one of the many famous valleys which surround this magical town.


However the number 1 reason why the majority of visitors travel to Cappadocia today is undoubtedly our world-famous BALLOON FLIGHTS.  There is, quite simpiy, nowhere else in the world where you will experience anything like a Cappadocia sunrise balloon flight.  Being in a basket of one of the 100 multı-coloured balloons as they take to the sky from the valleys surrounding Göreme is an experience which you will never forget for the remainder of your life. As you float peacefully over the landscape of Cappadocia, you are blessed with a view of an ever-changing canvass which will,, at times leave you speachless.


So the question is not "should I come to Cappadocia?"  The question is "how long should I come for?" The answer to that is up to you, however even if you visit us for just a single day, the team here at Whisper Cave Guest House will do everything to ensure your time spent here in Cappadocia is truly memorable.


If you require any further information on "What to do in Cappadocia" then please clıck on the "Activities" tab at the top of this page or alternatively email your questions to and we will reply to you as soon as we can.


Many thanks


Ali & your team at Whisper Cave Guest House



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